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Being Free in the Loop

Is there a thermostat or measuring device to move freely?

We can sense restriction, impairment, a bind… so how do we move ourselves out of this.

Inside of us is a mechanism which can be reset like a thermostat as it relates to muscular tension and sensitivity.

How we perceive tension, how high, how little, the quality, the feelings surrounded by it are subjective. What descriptions do you have for this state or being?

And how do you compare that to being free, what does that feel like… better yet, do you know how to get there. What tools can we use or practice to check-in, to re-regulate the switch if you will.

Do you use the alexander technique, do you practice feldenkrais… are you familiar with sensory awarness… do you move or sense yourself with somatics exercises.

Are you a soma-naut?

The loop or the alpha-gamma coactivation level is such a mechanism where if we learn to release it, reset it and thus re-program our body/brain… we may experience the freedom of not being held or subjective to a counter-productive loop as in the feelings of a constraint or curb from within.

We can be free in the loop and observe how it changes and how we change it and what arises.

Trying to describing fleeting sensations, those that can be painful and those that are pleasant are akin to the many descriptions of snow.

What is the quality of snow for instance? What is the quality of what you feel?

What is “it” that you feel? Your body, your muscles, your fascia, your energy, your self.

What lens do you view yourself in?

Can this simple alpha-gamma loop which Deane Juhon described in Job’s Body be a gateway to our perceptions and a useful tool to observe and delve into our connection with others and the universe?

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