Internal Awareness Made Easy

Internal Sensations

Relax like a Cat

To get comfortably long like a cat happens when our mind-body lets go and we can sink deep into the fibers of a floor. In one breath, the weight of stress and tension melts as we reclaim our natural birthright to move well. The paradox of mindful movement creating states such as this; well any …Continue reading

Soft Waves of Motion

Sensory motor cortex awakening into deep relaxation. Rivulets of pleasurable sensations streaming up and down as the heart beat thumps with a softened resilience… rigid ways slackening to peace. Ah those waves of motion from within, ever the softness deepening and softening… Can simple pandiculations keep bring such rewards! Ah how well the healthy vertebrate …Continue reading

Realms of the Fog

In the days, months and years I experienced fibro-fog. I lived in chronic pain 24/7. The hard ramrod stiffness of immobility and inflexibility was perplexing. How could a nervous system continue to dish out such rude signals? Tried the variety of stretching routes – traditional, yoga, pnf, contract/relax, therabands, hold for so many seconds etc. …Continue reading

Sense of The Beautiful Game

The beautiful game as Pele called what we call soccer or football or futbol as it’s known in many parts of the world. This weekend I was fortunate to play 3 games in 2 days with men 10 years younger and afterwords feel the incredible looseness and comfortableness afforded by merely using our natural birthright …Continue reading

Movement over exercise

As I begin to train for another soccer tournament, I find it hard to believe that I’ll be jostling for the ball, jumping out of the way of swinging legs and more often than not getting bumped repeatedly just for the sake of kicking a ball. As I lie here and delve deeply into the …Continue reading