Internal Awareness Made Easy


R-O-A-R Recover Over Any Restriction

What does it feel like to Move Like An Animal? How do we sense flexibility, mobility and agility? How do you describe the feeling of restriction? In nature, animals with a spine know how to R-O-A-R. They can recover over most any restriction they sense. Their survival depends on the felt sense of moving well. …Continue reading

Soft Waves of Motion

Sensory motor cortex awakening into deep relaxation. Rivulets of pleasurable sensations streaming up and down as the heart beat thumps with a softened resilience… rigid ways slackening to peace. Ah those waves of motion from within, ever the softness deepening and softening… Can simple pandiculations keep bring such rewards! Ah how well the healthy vertebrate …Continue reading

Realms of the Fog

In the days, months and years I experienced fibro-fog. I lived in chronic pain 24/7. The hard ramrod stiffness of immobility and inflexibility was perplexing. How could a nervous system continue to dish out such rude signals? Tried the variety of stretching routes – traditional, yoga, pnf, contract/relax, therabands, hold for so many seconds etc. …Continue reading

Friday Somatics Classes

Hey somanauts and revelers of the proprioceptive realm. We can de-rev our muscles with some inner technology. There’s an online Somatics Class on Fridays 1-2pm (Pacific Time Zone). High tech meets low tech, sure to be a meeting of the minds and bodies. Proprioceptive literacy guaranteed! Tweet

Intent of motion

It’s not the range of motion… it’s the intent of the motion. This fine distinction allows us to discover treasures in the smallest of windows when it comes to moving. Going for more range of motion can be countered by seeking quality in the motion which leads one to a comfortable and functional range of …Continue reading

Being Free in the Loop

Is there a thermostat or measuring device to move freely? We can sense restriction, impairment, a bind… so how do we move ourselves out of this. Inside of us is a mechanism which can be reset like a thermostat as it relates to muscular tension and sensitivity. How we perceive tension, how high, how little, …Continue reading

Wach-tele arose from the sensory world

What is wach-tele? How do you describe the inner world of the felt sense. There’s more to it, than pain, aches, and malaise. As my body arose out of a 2 decade struggle of chronic pain… one morning the words wach-tele came spewing forth. In the world of internal awareness and discovery, words defy our …Continue reading

Practice of Somatics

The inner felt sense can be a place which is • extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate • intensely felt • highly sensitive or discriminating In other words, practicing internal awareness is exquisite. Tweet

Chemical/brain/body rapture

A few easy pandiculations create the necessary chemicals cascading the river of sensory aliveness. Swirling, eddying pools of internal delight… funny how something so simple is easy to reach. The hard part for many… lying down for a moment during a busy day… simply reveling in the being-ness of it all. Once done, get back …Continue reading

Somatics… Breathing Easier

Thomas Hanna, wrote the book Somatics, developed a unique set of somatics exercises which uses the pandicular process to release the muscular system. When we release our muscles, the simple act of breathing improves. This is often seen when we merely engage in the pandicular process. Our breathing pump, if you will, activates not from …Continue reading

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