Internal Awareness Made Easy

Movement over exercise

As I begin to train for another soccer tournament, I find it hard to believe that I’ll be jostling for the ball, jumping out of the way of swinging legs and more often than not getting bumped repeatedly just for the sake of kicking a ball.

As I lie here and delve deeply into the nervous system and feel the exquisiteness of how good my body, mind and soul feels… I’d much rather lie here and revel in the ever refreshing sensory realm of awareness, of the oneness we all truly are.

When the competition is done, I’ll be able to easily and effortlessly soothe any muscles which have been revved up by the excitement and play… and no doubt I will soon long to play again but only if the beautiful game was as subtle and sublime as proprioceptive awareness.

We could all enjoy playing all of our games with an easy, fun loving passion of moving pleasurably.

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