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Realms of the Fog

In the days, months and years I experienced fibro-fog. I lived in chronic pain 24/7.

The hard ramrod stiffness of immobility and inflexibility was perplexing. How could a nervous system continue to dish out such rude signals?

Tried the variety of stretching routes – traditional, yoga, pnf, contract/relax, therabands, hold for so many seconds etc. All to continue to live in the binds and strictures of an impaired movement system.

Had I known the brain’s motor cortex could release these binds, I could have gotten to the fine sense of easing off the tension, regaining the pleasurable sensitivities of minute changes which returned those child-like feelings of gliding, sliding, and hopping with a spring-like manner.

To be young again… we’re merely a breath and cortical action away to feel once again our former svelte ways. The throbs of pleasure swirling the accumulated pains of life… away as waves come and go.

The sea of change is within us. By pointing our sails and heading into and with the wind once again. No longer to be confounded by the fog.

The realms of the fog may seem murky, oh but there is light… and lightness to be sensed again and again.

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