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Sense of The Beautiful Game

The beautiful game as Pele called what we call soccer or football or futbol as it’s known in many parts of the world.

This weekend I was fortunate to play 3 games in 2 days with men 10 years younger and afterwords feel the incredible looseness and comfortableness afforded by merely using our natural birthright of resetting our nervous system.

This fine sense to self-correct the tight hamstrings, tight groins, tight backs, that plague so many of the people who no longer reset the nervous system as nature dictates we can, allowed me to truly get a sense of the beautiful game within.

The act and the fine sense of letting go on account of the brain having learned how to re-create relaxation again and again.

There is no need for hot tubs, ibuprofens and tiger balm, all we need is to self-correct and re-sense our self easily and effortlessly for the beautiful game we all can truly play whenever we want.

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