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alpha-gamma loop

Deep into the stretch reflex

While many fear and are at a loss as to what to do when bumping into the stretch reflex… that is when we experience a painful muscle spasm or cramp. Delving confidently deep into the stretch reflex experience with a curiosity of observing the brain’s organization of muscular inhibition, allows us to internally reflect on …Continue reading

Being Free in the Loop

Is there a thermostat or measuring device to move freely? We can sense restriction, impairment, a bind… so how do we move ourselves out of this. Inside of us is a mechanism which can be reset like a thermostat as it relates to muscular tension and sensitivity. How we perceive tension, how high, how little, …Continue reading

Somatics Blog Twitter

SomaticsBlog Twitter has begun… Interested in getting in the loop? Can the A-G loop set us free? Does Fido activate it? Does cortical awareness have anything to do with it? Are you an explorer of the proprioceptive realm? Any other pandiculators out there care to chime in on somatics? Tweet