Internal Awareness Made Easy


Somatic Athlete

To bring back states of comfort and calm. Feeling the flow of soothing information unfolds as the body dissolves out of tension. A somatic athlete can restore and revitalize with a simple act of pandiculation and continue to delve in the cocktail of pleasurable feelings with simple conscious movement combinations. Preparing & releasing the body …Continue reading

Experts Sports Performance – Free Training Is On

Even athletes can get into the mind-body thang. Shocking for some of you, yet as a somatic athlete, there are magical moments all set up by the mind-body approaches we can employ. Check out these 12 sports experts at this FREE Training. Discover the “Old School” advice that gets you nowhere fast. Learn the shocking …Continue reading

Relax like a Cat

To get comfortably long like a cat happens when our mind-body lets go and we can sink deep into the fibers of a floor. In one breath, the weight of stress and tension melts as we reclaim our natural birthright to move well. The paradox of mindful movement creating states such as this; well any …Continue reading