Internal Awareness Made Easy

internal sensations

Being Free in the Loop

Is there a thermostat or measuring device to move freely? We can sense restriction, impairment, a bind… so how do we move ourselves out of this. Inside of us is a mechanism which can be reset like a thermostat as it relates to muscular tension and sensitivity. How we perceive tension, how high, how little, …Continue reading

Practice of Somatics

The inner felt sense can be a place which is • extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate • intensely felt • highly sensitive or discriminating In other words, practicing internal awareness is exquisite. Tweet

Chemical/brain/body rapture

A few easy pandiculations create the necessary chemicals cascading the river of sensory aliveness. Swirling, eddying pools of internal delight… funny how something so simple is easy to reach. The hard part for many… lying down for a moment during a busy day… simply reveling in the being-ness of it all. Once done, get back …Continue reading