Internal Awareness Made Easy


Friday Somatics Classes

Hey somanauts and revelers of the proprioceptive realm. We can de-rev our muscles with some inner technology. There’s an online Somatics Class on Fridays 1-2pm (Pacific Time Zone). High tech meets low tech, sure to be a meeting of the minds and bodies. Proprioceptive literacy guaranteed! Tweet

Intent of motion

It’s not the range of motion… it’s the intent of the motion. This fine distinction allows us to discover treasures in the smallest of windows when it comes to moving. Going for more range of motion can be countered by seeking quality in the motion which leads one to a comfortable and functional range of …Continue reading

Turn stiff muscles into more fluid ones

Came across this word today: deliquesce. Pronounced(del-ih-KWES) Another way to describe the experience of practicing somatics when muscles turn from stiffness into more fluid ones, simply, easily and gently. Tweet

Somatics Blog is now on

We’re looking forward to talking about Somatics, which is the term coined by Thomas Hanna, who wrote the book Somatics, to describe the body experienced from within. Tweet