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Wach-tele arose from the sensory world

What is wach-tele? How do you describe the inner world of the felt sense. There’s more to it, than pain, aches, and malaise.

As my body arose out of a 2 decade struggle of chronic pain… one morning the words wach-tele came spewing forth. In the world of internal awareness and discovery, words defy our experience.

What type of sensory vocabulary exists?

For me, wach-tele may have come from the german word wachen, to wake-up as in auf wachen. While the word tele – to transport or bridging a large distance.

Was my body already telling me that an awakening was arriving. In hindsight, yes. At the time, the words merely spewed forth without any understanding, yet inside an inner rejoicing was underway.

Could I describe the feelings of letting pain go… it had been so long… that a new vocabulary was coming forth, maybe the very one we all lived in our sensory rich early life.

Before we had words, we could move freely without description and without anyone telling us how to walk, let alone begin to describe what moving actually feels like… what being feels like…

Can the sensory world we once reveled in be described? Not the one of pharmaceutical or plant ingestion either… merely the very one we were given and have never lost… if we dare go back and visit those original memories of the felt sense.

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